Tanwen Ildri

Silverbrow Human Dragonfire Adept



Ability Score Mod
Str 10 0
Dex 14 2
Con 16 3
Int 14 2
Wis 10 0
Cha 12 1

HP 27


Fort 6
Ref 3
Will 3
+4 vs Sleep & Paralysis
+3 vs Cold


Attack Damage/Effect Range Save (DC 10+.5 lvl+Con)
Breath Weapon 2d6 30ft line or 15ft cone Ref halves
Sickening Breath Sickens 2 rounds 15ft cone Fort 1 round


Dragontouched (class)

Draconic Heritage {Silver} (race)

Draconic Knowledge

Draconic Senses


Magic Insight

Draconic Knowledge


When Tanwen began exhibiting signs that her draconic heritage be strong in her, she was sent to live and learn with her Great Aunt Polgara who also shows her draconic heritage. Aunt Pol has stressed knowing about magic. She also passed on a ring of protection to Tanwen that she aquired during her adventuring years.

Tanwen Ildri

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