Polgara Ildri

Great Aunt Polgara Dragonfire Adept


Age 62


Ability Score Mod
Str 9 -1
Dex 12 1
Con 12 1
Int 12 1
Wis 13 1
Cha 15 2

HP 61


Fort 8
Ref 4
Will 8
+4 vs Sleep & Paralysis
+3 vs Cold


Attack Damage/Effect Type Range Save (DC 10+.5 lvl+Con+2)
Breath Weapon 6d6 Fire 60ft line or 30ft cone Ref halves
Frost Breath 6d6 Cold 30ft cone Ref halves
Acid Breath 6d6 Acid 60ft line or 30ft cone Ref halves
Thunder Breath 6d6 Sonic 30ft cone Fort halves


Dragontouched (class)

Draconic Heritage {Silver} (race)

Draconic Knowledge

Draconic Senses

Ability Focus (Breath Weapon)

Flyby Attack


Scalding Gust

Draconic Knowledge

Draconic Flight


Wing Storm


Great Aunt Pol fought with the empire during The Siege. Towards the end of the Siege she became very aware of how much the “organization” had corrupted the government. Also, near the end of the The Siege she had a faceoff with a powerful magic user and was defeated(but not killed). She thought that her lack of knowledge about magic was her down fall; so when she began teaching her Great Niece she greatly emphasized gaining knowledge about magic.

Polgara Ildri

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